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Sari Pleatmaker


Tie a flawless sari by yourself in 5 minutes! The Sari Pleatmaker is a gadget that makes perfect front and palla pleats. Use the Easy Clips to hold your saree together.

Wearing a Sari just became AWESOME. We highly recommend this product to every woman who owns or would like to wear a sari.

Technical Details

-    Helps you make even and perfect pleats without help from anyone else

-    Pleats remain securely in place without slipping

-    Can also be used to make flawless pallu setting. Don't restrict yourself with pre-pleating your saris. Do your own pallu setting in w    whichever style and direction you desire

-    Comes with 2 magnetic Easy Clips designed specifically to hold the pleats in place without ruining the fabric or poking your fingers.

Available for rent or purchase. Please select the option below.

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