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Let's face it...Most of us own a lot of beautiful saris but every time there is an occasion to wear one, we want to wear something different and trendy definitely something that no one has seen us in before.This is the reason Saris and Things was born. During my brother's wedding last year, I longed to wear a rich, designer sari and look gorgeous in it. But, saris being so very expensive these days, I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a sari for just one night. I just wanted a gorgeous sari for just one evening and wished I could just borrow one with all the matching accessories, and return it without any hassle.  I couldn’t find a place to rent one, and ended up having a cousin in India send me saris to wear for the wedding. Not only did I not get to choose the sari, I ended up spending $400-600 each for 4 saris, which I know I can never wear again, since the whole family and all my friends have seen me in it....

So, I decided to start the exact service that I was looking for. A sari rental service designed to fill the needs of women like me, who want a new sari to wear every time and guarantee that I will look gorgeous every single time. It is designed to be a one stop shop for everything sari related, including blouses, petticoats, jewelry and Bindis. It is designed for smart women like you, who feel that spending a fortune on a new sari is a waste, especially if you are only going to wear it a just couple of times.

So welcome again and browse through our beautiful collection. We have designers in India who are focused in bringing you the latest styles from Bollywood. You can rest assured that you will steal the show when you are dressed in a sari from our collection. Whether you are the bride, the bride’s best friend or sister or just looking for a sizzling sari for an evening out, we have what you need.


Your friends at Saris & Things

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