Thank you, Grace for this lovely note!

Grace purchased the Bronze Designer Blouse from us and sent us this lovely note:

Good afternoon, 

Thank you so much for your amazing customer service!!! 

Less than 24 hours ago I was on the phone with you completely freaked out - I needed to find the perfect blouse to match the sari I will be wearing this Saturday for a wedding. I needed a match and I needed it quickly. And even though there are only a few gold blouses, the question was ... which one?! And would it fit?! 

You helped me pick out the right blouse, you were even willing and kind enough to look at a photo of the sari and recommend not only the blouse but the best fit. You didn't mind at all that I did not purchase the sari from you - you were there and you wanted to help. 

Well ... I live on an island off of the coast of Maine. We spoke yesterday, at  3:30 in the afternoon (EST) and this morning at 9:15 a.m. (EST) I was holding the Priority Package in my hands. 

The blouse is perfect. You were perfect. And ... I promise to send photos ... 

Thank you ... in this crazy, high speed, stressed out world in which we live, it was a lovely experience shopping with you. You made my experience personal ... and in my crazy frame of mind, you asked me about my home and how beautiful it must be to live here (which it is) ... I can't say how much I appreciated that. 

I would recommend Saris and Things to ANYONE seeking the right clothes for the right occasion. Please feel free to use my words on your website. 

Again, with many thanks! 

G. Noonan-Kaye, Peaks Island, ME

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