Dressing your bridesmaids for an Indian Wedding

You’re getting married in a couple of months and are in the middle of all the preparations – your trousseau, your wedding dress, your jewelry, your make-up and so much more. And then you remember – your bridesmaids’ dresses?

Matching bridesmaids’ dresses have become a trend in Indian weddings these days. What better way to make your girlfriends stand out on your D day, than dressing them in matching saris or lehengas that go perfectly with your wedding theme! But, where would you find the perfect bridesmaids dresses for your wedding?

Here are some great tips to help you dress your bridesmaids in perfect style for your special day:

1. Remember, it’s your day

We know you love shopping for your wedding, but don’t go overboard with your bridesmaids dresses. Always remember, you are supposed to be the main attraction. So their dresses should complement yours and never overshadow your sari or lehenga.



           Panetar Lehenga                                            Reception Lehenga


Chances are, your bridal lehenga is heavily embroidered with intricate detailing; so you can keep your bridesmaids lehengas light and flowy. Or, to separate their look from yours, you may dress them in saris instead of lehengas. Remember to opt for pre-pleated or readymade saris for your besties – after all, you wouldn’t want them fussing around with their pleats all day long.

Shown above are some great Bridesmaids Saris that will compliment your look.

2. Mix & Match

It’s a great idea to compliment your bridal lehenga’s color tones with your bridesmaids’ dresses by getting them all the same color saris or lehengas. Say yours is a traditional red and white panetar style lehenga – you could always dress them in complimenting colors like yellow or bright leafy greens and whites. Or, if your wedding theme color is lavender or plum – all their saris could follow shades and hues of lavender to purple. 

Pretty Lavender Bridesmaids Saris in the same color & style

While the old classic of dressing all your bridesmaids in the same color and style never really goes out of fashion, you can think of adding a little more style to your wedding by making them wear color co-ordinated saris or lehengas in similar styles. 

Co-ordinating Color Bridesmaid Saris

For a colorful and trendier effect, their outfits need not be identical at all. They can just follow a particular color theme based on your wedding colors, or have similar fabric, cuts and styling for a great effect. 

Indian Bridesmaid Lehengas

3. Your partners in Crime

Your best friends and sisters have shared your life’s important memories with you, and they play an important role in your wedding too. From handing you a must-have tissue to entertaining you while you wait for your baraat, or even grabbing you a quick bite when you need one – keeping them around will lighten your mood and help you sail through your special day.

It’s so important that they are impeccably dressed for the occasions - after all; you wouldn’t want to ruin some candid photo ops with shoddy bridesmaid dresses around you.

Coral Bridesmaid Saris

4. Bridal etiquette

Bridal and wedding etiquette demand that you help choose and arrange for your bridesmaids dresses. As a token of appreciation, you may also gift their dresses to them.

Many of your bridesmaids may not be Indian or might not know their saris from their lehengas. So, it’s your job to not only match their saris with perfect blouses and petticoats; or lehengas with cholis and dupattas – but also selecting the right Indian accessories and jewelry to complete their look.

Indian Wedding Jewelry

A wallet-friendly way of getting the right dresses for all your bridesmaids is renting them from us at Saris and Things.

5. Getting it all together

Whether you decide to buy your bridesmaids saris and lehengas or rent them for your wedding – Saris and Things can help you arrange and put it all together. Everything from saris and lehengas to bangles and bindis is just a phone call or a click away. So no more running around for their outfits and accessories.

You can choose from our wide collection of bridesmaid saris and lehengas, or you can let us know your wedding theme and colors and we’ll custom make the dresses exclusively for your wedding. You may gift these outfits to your favourite gals or simply return them to us after your weddings celebrations are done. 

So smile and leave all your bridesmaid wardrobe worries to us.

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