What to Wear to an Indian Wedding

What to Wear to an Indian Wedding

Think of Indian weddings and your mind is immediately filled with vibrant colors, fragrances and Bollywood music. The elaborate rituals and parties, the fun filled atmosphere, and the absolutely gorgeous outfits are enough to fascinate and overwhelm anyone who’s not used to it!

So, when you have to attend an Indian wedding, you are bound to be lost about what to wear and to which occasion? Saris and Things is here to your rescue – with perfect advice on how to dress up and look gorgeous for any Indian wedding occasion!

So let’s take each ceremony separately and decide what looks best for it –

1. Henna Ceremony

The henna ceremony is a fun and colorful celebration held before the wedding. During the ceremony, traditionally celebrated by the women on the bride’s side ,the famous Indian Henna or mehendi is applied to the bride, close relatives, and almost all female guests.  These intricate designs symbolize joy, beauty, spiritual awakening and offering.

There is music, dance and fabulous Indian treatsThe perfect outfit is either a sari, a lehenga choli set or an anarkali kurti churidaar. To mix in with the fun and colorful atmosphere – bright vibrant colors like red, yellow, lime green, orange, red, bright pink or purple are perfect! 

A sari is a beautiful long drape of fabric that comes in many different materials. A sari is a sensual and elegant Indian attire and should be worn with matching Indian jewelry and accessories like bangles, bindi, earrings and necklace.


The lehenga is just like a flowy skirt, easy to tie and knot, and comes with a matching blouse and dupatta. It's one of the most graceful Indian attires and is perfect for this occasion.



But, if you are not sure about managing a sari or a lehenga with henna on your hands, an anarkali kurti is an easier outfit to carry – it’s a dress that can be slipped on and comes with matching churidar pants and a dupatta scarf. Your date would do well in a kurta pajama for this occasion. 



2. Sangeet Ceremony

The Indian Sangeet Ceremony is a musical extravaganza with lots of Bollywood songs and dance performances by the bride and the groom 's close friends and family. Guests are also expected to join the dance floor at some point of the event.since most sangeets are held in the evening, a vibrant color Lehenga-choli or Kurti Churidar with some delicate work detailing is perfect for this occasion. 



For this night affair, you can also opt for a variety of deeper bright colors like purple, blues,black, deep pink, or go with the usual Indian shades like yellows, greens and reds. The guys would look best in a matching kurta pajama.



3. Wedding Ceremony

The Indian wedding ceremony typically involves the traditional rituals bringing together the bride and groom with the ‘feras’ around the sacred fire and the seven vows!  It’s a beautiful and holy occasion that binds together both families for years to come. 

When attending this ceremony, you should be attired in classic Indian saris in rich silks or other fabrics with ornate and detailed work in bright festive colors like orange, purple, green, blue and so on. Accessorize your look with matching Indian jewelry and you’re sure to look and feel royal!



Take care not to wear black or white to this ceremony, as both these colors are considered inauspicious in Indian culture and might offend the hosts. Your husband should also be attired in formal Indian wear like a sherwani or a classy kurta pajama.



5. Wedding Reception

Now its time to party!  The Indian wedding reception is filed with dance, performances by family and friends, and a night to enjoy with the bride and groom. The best outfit is to stick to a heavy party wear sari, lehenga or anarkali / churidar. 



Make sure you match your outfit with the right Indian accessories that you can buy or even rent.



Getting it all Together

If your head starts spinning at the thought of draping a Sari with all the pleating and pinning, just pick the trendy and stylish readymade saris and lehenga saris that come pre-stitched and ready to slip on. 



If you prefer the regular sari, either make sure you have someone to help you with wearing it, or buy or rent a pleatmaker device that helps you make perfect pleats in a jiffy.



Once your look is complete with the Sari or Lehenga and the Indian accessories - there is nothing to worry about, for every woman looks gorgeous in it. Just remember to greet your hosts with a ‘Namaste’ – putting both your hands together at your chest level with a gentle bow of the head – and you are sure to win many hearts! 

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