It’s time to Garba!

Time for Navratri, Dandiya, Garba and Chania Cholis


It’s that time of the year again, when you start receiving invites to various Dandiya and Garba nights in town! For the un-initiated – Dandya and Garba are two popular Indian dance styles performed to drum thumping musical beats and peppy Bollywood numbers!

So, what to expect at a typical Garba or Dandiya party?

Be ready to dance to feet tapping music – both ethnic Gujarati songs and the latest Bolloywood music will greet you at the party and make you join the dance floor.


You can expect the venue to be done up in bright Indian décor and colorful fabrics and drapes all around. On the dance floor, you will be provided wooden sticks called ‘dandiyas’ – to be used as props for the dance. Even if you don’t know the moves, don’t worry – just keep the sticks aside and use your hands instead - dance to the music’s beat and enjoy the party!

What to wear to a Garba or Dandiya party?

Bright colorful lehenga-cholis with traditional Indian mirror and thread work are perfect for such parties.


Shown above are traditional mirrorwork chania cholis in earthy multi-colored shades like the Sanedo Navratri Chania Choli Lengha , Colors of India Chania Choli & the Flirty Blue Threadwork Lehenga Choli 


Since the dance involves a lot of twirling and moving around – your best bet would be a light weight cotton ensemble if you intend to dance away! 



You can pick from the fabulous light weight cotton chania cholis like the Fun & Frolic Navratri Chania Choli Lengha , Blue Mauve Bandhej Lehenga Choli or the Leaf Print Navratri Chania Choli Lengha


Pick the brightest colors – reds, yellows, oranges are most apt for a Garba party!


Pick your favorite colors among the Red Navratri Style Chania Choli , Funky Maiden - Yellow Chania Choli or the Traditional Orange Lehenga Choli


If you want your look to be a little more fancy and exquisite, you can opt for brocade lehenga cholis with matching blouses and net dupattas for a richer look.


Shown above are two fabulous Brocade lehengas with net dupatta & brocade blouse. 


Whatever you pick, make sure you accessorize it well with the right Indian jewelry and bangles and bindis to complete your Indian lass look!



Men look best in kurta-pajamas for these parties. Add on a matching stole, and they’re ready to compliment your dress for the night! 

Shown below are the Beige Gold Silk Men's Kurta Pajama and the Gold Kurta Pajama with Stole perfect for a Dandiya night.



So get ready and get going – now’s the time to go Garba dancing!

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